Senior vs. Underclassmen Volleyball game
by Lily Morales

Who is better than all the rest? The class of 2020 of course! On January 16th, the senior class had their 3rd Annual Senior vs. Underclassmen volleyball game. The crowd was having a good time cheering for their teams. The concession stand went on as well sponsored by the senior class, they provided the roaring crowd with tasty refreshments such as Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and snacks like Hot Cheetos with queso. Pre-game, the seniors conducted a face painting station to boost the senior spirit. Thanks to the seniors, this game was a blast!
The intensity lasted for 3 games with no time to waste. Although the players competed against each other, this game was all about having fun and a overall, a good time for the school. The underclassmen surely made the seniors sweat the first game as they won with ease, but the class of 2020 made a powerful comeback as they won the last 2 games; which made this volleyball game one for the books since it has been the first win for the senior class! Great memories to both classes, we'll see what next year's game holds.

Teacher advice:  "There will always be someone better than you, but that does not mean they will work harder than you." =Mr. Locke

A Friendly Talk

By Alan Chung Ma – Sr.

Small talk is something that most of you should be familiar with, be it in Spanish or English. These talks can be of much fun, especially when carried out in a public environment, where you begin to talk to people you have never even seen before and learn a bit from each other. Talking with your friends though? That is on the next level.

A talk with friends can be both relieving and fun simultaneously. You can discuss the latest gossip in school, make fun of that celebrity for making questionable decisions, and let out issues that have been budging you for the past few days in a talk that does not feel awkward nor out of place. Also, it is in these talks where you encounter the most hilarious moments that help you reassert the validity of a friendship.

On January 14, both dual-credit classes, 6th and 7th Period, went out on a field trip to El Paso Community College Valle Verde Campus to explore the campus and briefly experience what college life is like. While I was not present for more than half of the trip, I was with them for the remainder of the trip from around 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

However, most of my time with the group was mainly lunch, which took place from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. at Cicis. There, I sat with some friends and had what you would call a typical conversation. One striking moment though was when a friend, Saira Perez, began to rant about how Guido Rodríguez, her favorite soccer player who used to play for Club América in the Liga MX, missed a goal in the penalty shoot-out in the game against C.F. Monterrey due to some levitation logic.

Levitation logic? Well, Saira claimed that Guido Rodríguez missed the penalty due to poor field conditions that caused the ball to skip right before the kick. Upon hearing of this, me and a few others pounced on her claim and started to ridicule it. She then began an avid and passionate defense of him, strongly standing by her claim.

After a while, she looked for the footage of the shot to show as proof; upon watching the footage though, she realized that there was no skip and that it was a misplay, which ignited a bunch of loud laughs from around the table. But not to be outdone, Saira then started to rant about how Guido Rodríguez used to be the best player in the whole Mexican league, which is really funny. Then, by pointing out the tense on her claim at the time, and now, how he is no longer in the league.

“What’s best is the unexpected.” A talk with friends will almost always allow for the most unexpected moments, even if the talk began as a regular conversation at a restaurant. The environment that friendly talks float in is one with great variability, one which allows from the most common tropes of a talk to exist, while allowing for these moments to occur. Truly, what is best other than the unexpected.